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TACOMA (AP) - The state liquor board has shut down a fake-ID operation in an apartment here.

Authorities seized five computers, scanners, lamination machines, fake-ID applications, 50 phony driver's licenses and a digital camera Friday. Officers also found a shotgun, knives and instructions for making a briefcase bomb.

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"This is unquestionably the biggest fraudulent-ID program in the history of the board," said Rex Prout of the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

The agency worked with the Tacoma Police Department, FBI and state Department of Corrections in responding to an anonymous tip received Monday.

After several days of surveillance, a 20-year-old Tacoma man was arrested. He was being held in the Pierce County Jail on probation violations.

The man charged as much as $75 for two ID cards, authorities say.

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"Unless you're a trained expert, they look like the real thing," liquor board spokeswoman Tricia Currier said.

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150 Here Who 's probably That 000 Did Bitcoin 000 Massive The man faces at least a year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine, she said.

Investigators believe most of his customers were underage and using the IDs to buy alcohol or to gain access into nightclubs and bars whose clientele must be at least 21.

It appears most of his clients used their real names and addresses on the fake IDs, Currier said. The man kept meticulous records and may have a database of his clients.

Who Here That Massive 000 Bitcoin 's 000 150 probably Did The board plans a follow-up investigation, with prosecution of those it can identify who bought fake ID.

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